Saturday, February 10, 2007

Anatolian psych explosion series

Mustafa Özkent: Uskdar'a Giderken and Dolana Dolana
From Gençlik Ile Elele (Evren Records, 1973)

Whose was the first blog to deal with Finders Keepers reissues ? The Hype Machine links to Gorilla Vs. Bear, post wrote by Chris the 11th of October, last year. While Chris asked if "Gençlik Ile Elele" is the best cover art album, WFMU's Beware of the Blog wrote, on August, something about the Turkish Record Art. Very very difficult to get a copy of this album I've discovered by listening a radio show in New York City. You certainly know who host it. Trying hardly to be in 'N.Y.C. hour' where I live (Lille), but living in Paris for a moment... I get it! I hope find Edip Akbayram album soon. Since I assume, listening to the reedition of Selda tracks is a true pleasure. So thanks Charlie to broadcast Finders Keepers reissues in your worldwide radio show.

"In 1972, Ozkent partnered with Evren Records, a Turkish label known for its high production standards and audiophile recording techniques; Ozkent booked time at one of Istanbul's finest recording facilities, and with a hand-picked team of musicians he began recording new material dominated by funky vamps, extended percussion jams, hard-grooving organ lines, and wah-wah guitars." Mark Deming

"Recorded in 1972 for one of Turkey's more obscure bespoke record labels. 'Evren' records, who were keen to experiment with new developments in stereo reproduction for a commercial market. Ozkent had a good reputation amongst forward-thinking studio engineers and was respectd for his works as an arranger with an open mind and wealth of unique musicians at his disposal. In 1973, the ten track akbum was released with the Turkish title 'GENCLICK ILE ILELE' ('Hand In Hand With Youth') with a warm reception from DJ's and night-clubbers throught the city, whilst receiving regular plays on radio and television."
Andy Votel



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