Monday, July 06, 2009

Ebo Taylor (Ghana Sounds/Soundway) in Europe

Ebo Taylor for the first time live in Europe!

The both AFRICADELAY-Party, taking place at the Schwedlersee (Germany) on July 18th and The, taking place at the Bellevilloise (Paris) on July 17th promise to be a cultural Highlight and a sensation for all lovers of Afro beat, Highlife and Afro jazz. Ebo Taylor, the legendary composer, arranger and musician from Ghana will take the stage for the first time in Europe, together with Artists of the internationally assigned Afro beat Academy.

Ebo Taylor - Bio

The exceptional guitar player is considered as one of the most distinguished Highlife, Afro beat and jazz composers of Ghana. Between 1962 and 1965 he studied together with his friend Fela Kuti at the renowned Eric Guilder School of Music in London. As early as the 50th and 60th he caused quite a sensation as the head of the Stargazers Dance Band as well as the Broadway Band. In the early 70th he headed the best known Big Band of Ghana, the “Uhuru Band” (later called Uhurus) and so formed the Highlife.Since the 70th Taylor produced different albums as solo artist and developed more and more his own, innovative and distinctive style – recognisable for instance on his albums

“Ebo Taylor and the Pelicans” or “Twer Nyame”. Ebo has been very active in numerous projects as session musician. Besides his solo works, he contributed significantly to the development of music in Ghana, as arranger and producer to the big labels in Ghana, like Essiebons and Gapophone. For these labels, being their musical director, he produced i.e. well known musicians such as C.K. Mann of the Apagya Show Band, a legendary All-Star-Highlife-Funk-Band, or artists like Pat Thomas, Jewel Ackah and Papa Yankson.

Ebo Taylor : Ghana Sounds Vol 1 & 2 on Soundway and Booniay!! on Afrodisiac
Karl Hector and the Malcouns - Sahara Swing (Stones Throw, 2008)

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