Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sheetah et les Weissmuller : Evolution Francaise

French beat maestros Sheetah et les Weissmüller are back with their new psychedelic album Evolution Française. Filled with 11 original compositions recorded at Circo Perrotti Studios (Gijon, Spain) by Jorge Explosion and Mike Mariconda, this LP explores the acid side of the combo : sitars, fuzz, horns, strings, tablas and strange effects surround bitter-sweet songs paying tribute to Love, Bonniwell Music Machine, the Beatles or les Fleurs de Pavot. Containing garage anthems (la Mauvaise Graine, Yin Yang Young, Elle n’aime qu’elle-même), acid daydreams (Lundisamedimache, Alone in the Sun, Coffee and Tea) or a lysergic tango (Suzanne ouvre-toi), Evolution Française is an hallucinating kaleidoscope of addictive sounds.



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