Saturday, February 17, 2007


Amnesty: Love Fades and Mister President
From Free Your Mind - The 700 West Sessions (Now Again, 2007)

Support to President Bush fades!

By reading the last posts you could easily imagine that the tune 'Mister President' is nearly what I very want to support here. Tunes sound like some cuts from Demon Fuzz"s Afreaka album. A cross-cultural music between Chicago, Buddy Miles Express, Sly & the Family Stone, Funkadelic and Hendrix. Check out here a truly great library posted by Junior. Does Egon prepare a next Cold Heat heavier and deepier? Yeh, same beat than 'Mister President' with the fuzz effect and wah-wah pedal of Stark Reality's 'Comrades'. Don't be deceived. First tune 'Can I Help You?' is more jazzy and the last ones are not so strong. Clearly if you liked Kashmere Stage Band, The LA Carnival or South Dallas Pop Festival 1970 (I'll try to post about soon) you might be very interested in. Maybe the two tunes 'Love Fades' and 'Mister President' could give a general idea for the next volume of Cold Heat compilation. Could hope a compilation - Heavy Psychedelic Soul - heavier and deeper than the tunes 'Loaded To The Gills' performed by Michael Liggins & the Super Souls, '69 Freedom Special' covered by Lil' Lavair & The Fabulous Jades on Cold Heat Vol.1 and 'Them Changes' covered by The Apollo Commanders With Eddie Finley on South Dallas Funk Festival 1970. With reading this post, you could read/listened that Egon was already in this position. Since the release of Cold Heat Vol.1, I use the track 'Free Your Mind' performed by Amnesty to introduce my broadcast.

"In 1970, independent of each other, The Embers and The Crimson Tide broke up. Massie, Williams and Alexander continued to play together and, in 1972, convinced the others to rejoin their group with the addition of extra addition. This time their musical sound was more in the direction of Massie's tastes, which, at the time, included Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears, Jimi Hendrix and Earth Wind & Fire." Egon

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