Friday, January 25, 2008

Is Hell Hotter Than The Miracle Man ?

Damn Sam The Miracle Man : Give Me Another Joint and L.A. 26000
From Damn Sam The Miracle Man & The Soul Congregation (Trojac (?), 197?)

Chico Mann : Soul Freedom and Say What
From Manifest Tone Vol 1 (Kindred Spirits, 2006)

Hey Folks! I feel how lucky you are by continuing visit us. Damn! Sam The Miracle Man - aka - O.C. - aka - Arthur Cleveland Tolbert, is blowing my mind. He's like an UFO... Dig this sound that come back from hell. It's hot like molten lava. It's so hot, I'm not able to keep this in my hand, I have to throw it out the farthest I can. Just to keep my hands safe.

Damn Sam The Miracle Man is a pure obscure, rare and highly recommanded album. I find this LP in a record store and should confess that the cosmic cover art attracted me. Give Me Another Joint and L.A. 26000 recalls me the party-psychedelic-funky-time of Parliament and Family Stone : "I just want to get you higher baby, so give me another joint baby"... Remember this ? Take care the power of his voice and the terrific rhythm machine in his side.


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