Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Cortex : L'enfant Samba and Sabbat
From Troupeau Bleu (Disques Espérance, 1975)

Cortex : I Heard A Sigh and Moanin'
Inédit 79 (Underdog, 2006)

Xcuse'em, I wasn't available for a short time sure but I was preparing my start of a new school year. So meantime you could see a P Funk's concert from 1979 featuring Sly. I hope you share the pleasure to watch this f...ing performance. Before to post Cortex, last week, I was thinking to post something about Michael White, sure it will be for a next.
Here I propose you a french jazz-funk band Cortex from the seventies led at the time by the great keyboardist Alain Mion. Often the band is compared with Headhunters and Return To Forever projects. Today Cortex's Troupeau Bleu album released in 1975 is still consider as their best, it was also recently re-issue by Pulp Flavor. The other album called
Inédit 79 (unreleased or unissued in english) was issue in 2006 by the french label underdog records.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi it s Max from underdog records in France.
Thank you for your few words on Cortex.The inedit 79 is an unreleased album .....i hope you enjoy the songs....the cd is only available on Dustrygroove.com in america but if u know a very good distributor in your country (dealing with jazz funk projects) it could be cool.
thank you very much....i send your blog to Alain Mion

Have a nice day
see u soon

10:41 AM  

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