Monday, August 21, 2006

On the Corner

Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s : Blow Your Head
Damn Right I Am Somebody (People, 1974)

Sly & The Family Stone : In Time
Fresh (Epic, 1973)

Funkadelic : Wars Of Armageddon
Maggot Brain (Westbound, 1971)

Miles Davis : Black Satin
On The Corner (Columbia, 1973)

On The Corner's Miles Davis album, released in 1973, is certainly the funkiest and the most political of his discography. Though he's still also his most popular album according to Miles and reviewers and contrary to Headhunters's Herbie Hancock album released the same year, On The Corner was a commercial failure. Of course when he was recording it Miles was deeply influenced by american funk band.

Every funk addicts know that "Miles Davis was especially impressed by the sound of the [Fresh's Sly Stone] album. He played the opening track, "In Time", for his own band and told them that they should adapt a similar sound." (wikipedia) On the other hand, if you read the album booklet for more details you'll be disappointed by the lack of information.

Here I choose Damn Right I Am Somebody and Maggot Brain. Right, some tracks of James Brown's Payback album are nearest of Black Satin's beat. But Damn Right I Am Somebody was recorded during the same sessions as James Brown's album "The Payback" and also On The Corner is in the same political line. Don't forget the great political revival at Wattstax in '72.

Second album is Maggot Brain, yes because of the drums and bass beat. About that, Paul Tingen journalist and musical reviewer adds information that could interest you.
"Another permutation of the same band briefly occurred in early 1972, with Ramon “Tiki” Fulwood, of Parliament/Funkadelic, on drums, further expressing Miles’s funk ambitions, but this appeared to have come to nothing, and Miles disbanded the Bartz-led ensemble.
Miles’s next step was the recording of On The Corner in June and July 1972..."
By Paul Tingen)

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