Thursday, November 02, 2006

Instant Groove

Nico Gomez : Caballo Negro and Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!
Ritual (Omega, Early 70s)

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Since I opened Loaded To The Gills on July 2006, more than 2000 pages have been visited. I would like to thank all bloggers for having visited this recent blog. You are more and more to visit it. Also I would like to thank Ear Fuzz, Coffee Rhetoric, FEEL IT and Brown Eyed Handsome Man for adding Loaded To The Gills in their favorites and also La Case de l'Affreux Thom.

If you're just discovering this blog, sometimes I post some afro and latin grooving and fuzzed tunes. Last one was about Harvey Averne Barrio Band and Jose "Chepito" Areas. Tunes extracted from the compilation Chicano Spirit 2 (a selection of heavy latin funk tracks). Anyway, if you get it, maybe you already know Nico Gomez with Baila Chiquiban. Baila feat. also in Nico Gomez Ritual album. So I propose you Caballo Negro and Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!, two brazilians groove but an "obscure European group from the early 70s".



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