Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lyricism and rock not so bad + Radio Citizen pt. 2

Jef Lee Johnson feat. Nathalie Richard : Le Chien
From Thisness (Hope Street Label, 2005)

Lightnin' Rod : Doriella Du Fontaine
From ?

Radio Citizen : The Prophets
Berlin Serengeti (Ubiquity, 2006)

In 1970, get closing with pop culture, the French songwriter Léo Ferré has a project with Hendrix. At last, Léo Ferré achieved it with John McLaughlin on guitar and Billy Cobham on drums. "Le Chien" ('The Dog' in english) is actually cover by
Jef Lee Johnson. It's amazing to listen how the tune sounds like "Doriella Du Fontaine". Another project with Hendrix and Lightnin' Rod from the Last Poets, a proto-hip hop band. "Doriella" was produced by Alan Douglas who was near the guitarist in the late 1969. The third tune is about Radio Citizen first album. The group comes from Berlin and led by Niko Schabel. Schabel already perfomed with Express Brass Band, Poets o Rythm, Jojo Kuo and Last Poets.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

superbe interpretation du chien, bravo Nathalie!

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