Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lost and Found

Willie Bobo & the Bo-Gents : Broasted or Fried and Soul Foo Young
Do What You Want To Do... (Sussex, early 1970's)

Both available on
Willie Bobo : Lost and Found (Concord Records, 2006)

"Broasted or Fried" and "Soul Foo Young" firstly reissued as a
limited edition 7-inch vinyl by Now-Again Records in 2004, Concord recently release in Lost and Found some rare tunes of Willie Bobo. Besides, his son Eric Bobo thanks "Egon at Stones Throw/Now-Again for your belief in the music".
"Broasted or Fried" and "Soul Foo Young" are originaly taken from the album Do What You Want To Do, recorded on Bill Withers Sussex label. A rare and very recommanded album. Probably the funkiest album of Willie Bobo. Here 'Broasted' is an original version composed by Reggie Andrews and covered in 1971 by Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers The Love I've Been Looking For's album.



Anonymous Gill BOBO said...

Hello,,,Just wanted to correct your information about Willie Bobo's Record Lost and Found ,,Great work ,,Good job by Eric,,,also the album "Do what you wanna do""was on Sussex records but Sussex Records was not Bill Withers Record label,,Bill Withers was on the same label as Willie Bobo,,Thank you,,,Gill BOBO

12:29 AM  

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