Monday, July 23, 2007

Afro-Caribbean Groove

Irakere: Chekere-Son
From Chekere-Son (Vampisoul)

Grupo Monumental: Si Para Usted
From Si Para Usted (Waxing Deep)

First Waxing Deep comp' dig Funky Beat from Cuba in the 70s. The Irakere tune 'Bacalao Con Pan' was already available on another comp diggin' Irakere hightlights. Both tunes I suggere you to listen from Chekere-Son and Si Para Usted. No really original 'cause they are tracks album. But (I think) these both tunes reveal another aspect of the cuban scene. It sound like afro-caribbean music, I mean more afro-beat soundz than afro-cuban. Did cuban try to play afro-beat tunes ? Have you ever listen listen to the other both compilations called Rare Afro & Caribbean Funk Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 ? Each tunes are nearest to any other Jazzman and Now Again productions with full wah-wah guitars. Anyway, maybe nexct Si Para Usted Volume could dig some afro-caribbean music mixed with afro-beat rhythms.


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