Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Homenaje to William Blake

David Axelrod: Holy Thursday and The Smile
Song Of Innocence (Capitol, 1968)

Unfortunaletly Yazid Manou, great specialist in Jimi Hendrix, can't really help me. Saying to me the 'afro-rock' is not his speciality. Last show we tried with a friend whose got a cool vintage to broadcast original tunes and covers. But the day after I discover a tune that could indirectly bring together Demon Fuzz to Hendrix, more precisely Demon Fuzz to Buddy Miles... former Band Of Gypsys's drummer... I can't tell you more about Demon Fuzz, except what Paddy Corea (ex-Demon Fuzz) sent me last week, encouraging me to check out this both sites Canouanmusic or Demonfuzz-paddycorea for more info.

"Yes we toured with every body in those days. We toured with Moody Blues, Yes, Ginger Baker, Mungo Jerry, Coloseum, Who, and lots of others. There is a hard core of Afro-Rock followers in UK and a few other places in the world. I get mail from germany, phillipines, England, France and a few right here in the USA. I think Demon Fuzz stands well in the 35 years since we made our music.
thanks bye
Paddy Corea"

Two weeks ago, Egon, Stones Throw Records, answered my email telling me he was listening to Serge Gainsbourg a lot. After the post about Gainsbourg and Jean-Claude Vannier, it give me the idea to post something about David Axelrod. Song Of Innocence is not only a masterpiece but was an album which influence him for Histoire de Melody Nelson and L'Enfant Assassin des Mouches. But I can't really assure...

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