Friday, April 13, 2007

Black Heat (part 2)

Black Heat: The Jungle and Chicken Heads
Black Heat (Atlantic, 1972)

Remember this. Two years ago. What happens for Soul Shower? Does anybody know? Whatelse I could add about this band? I discovered their second album by reading this post on ear fuzz. Since I found a copy in Paris of the excellent reedition Declassified Grooves -- Black Heat/No Time To Burn It's very difficult to get some information about this excellent funk group called Black Heat. When Junior posted the tune 'Super Cool' it remind me the other one 'Super Cool' performed by Carrie Riley & the Fascination - on Florida Funk. So I was wondering if there was link between these both tunes. Not really. Or something about the next Luv'n Haight funky compilation 'Super Cool, California Soul Vol. 2'? I never heard before version performed by Pat Hunt. Maybe soon!



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