Saturday, March 31, 2007

1957, a new label was founded

Dale Warren & The Wattstax' 72 Orchestra: Salvation Symphony
Lee Sain:
Them Hot Pants
The Emotions:
Group Introduction/Show Me How and Peace Be Still

From Music From The Wattstax Festival & Film (Stax, 1972)

As I was reading an article on the last issue of Vibrations, Swiss magazine from Lausanne, I think it was a good idea to post something about. This time the review deals with Stax label that was created in 1957. Check out this both web links on official myspace site and also Tunes here are extracted from the excellent 'Music From The Wattstax Festival & Film' produced by Roger Armstrong. On this, there's songs performed at Wattstax by Albert King, Carla & Rufus Thomas, William Bell, The Soul Children, ..., many others, and of course, Isaac Hayes. Here I focuse on The Emotions because their performance give me the creeps.

On myspace, you could also read an article written by Matt Cibula few days ago. "The Stax story begins in 1957. Jim Stewart, a fiddle player, founded Satellite Records in a north Memphis garage, focusing mostly on country and rockabily. He convinded his older sister, Estelle Axton, to mortgage her home and go into business with him. They released a few singles that didn't go anywhere. In 1960, Stewart and Axton (now on her second re-finance) bought the Capitol Theatre building on McLemore. They built a studio and converted the theater lobby into a combination candy shop and record store. There, they could make some money on the side, and Estelle could play brand new releases and see if they caught the ears of the teenaged clientele---virtually all of them African American."

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