Monday, May 07, 2007

Far Out digs Brazil

Azymuth: Periscópio
Azimuth (Far Out, 2007)

Antonio Adolfo, Brazil & Brazuka:
Luizao (Daz-I-Kue Re-edit & Original Version)
From 4 Hero Present Brazilika (Far Out, 2006)

Antonio Adolfo:
Far Out Brazil (Far Out, 2007)

From 7" (Far Out, 2007)

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Sorry I'm late. Usually post are updated for the week-end. But for political reason, and like many french, I was reading press, watching radio and hearing radio a lot... Soon and others sites announced first leanings, circa 5:00 PM, myspace people could dig a tune I already post before. Since, many of them seem to appreciate it...

Contemporary with Os Mutantes, the other tropicalist band Azymuth, 'cause they above all known for their electric jazz sound, was inspired by american US Jazz such as Herbie Hancock's early 70s output. In a way, some tunes such as 'L'Enfant Samba' by the french band called Cortex is nearest to them sound. But I not sure and the keybordist and leader Alain Mion is better place than me. The London based label Far Out's other releases (Azimuth second cd, Brazilika, Far Out Brazil) invited Tony Allen, Jazzanova, DJ Venom and Peanut Butter Wolf for some bonus remix... Nice!

From cosmopolitan London to inspirational Brazil, Zeep (check out here their myspace) is inspired by 70s rock british scene and Tropicalistas. The tune Super is a blast of psychedelic folk funk.



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