Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Beyond Iron Curtain

Sarolta Zalatnay: Hadd Mondjam El and Ne Hidd El
From Sarolta Zalatnay (Finders Keepers, 2007)

Digging the blog, you know my interest to heavy funk. Four years ago I discovered these Hungarian female musician on both excellent site. And I get a copy of her album reissued by Finders Keepers. Excellent job guys! People around me are surprised to listen this rock. It sounds like if Funkadelic, The Meters or Jimi Hendrix were playing behind the former Iron Curtain. Except her musician career, in the 70s Zalatnay was also an actress and work with the Hungarian New Wave director Marta Meszaros. Andy Votel assure.

"The radical film "Szep Lanyok", translated as "Don't Cry Little Girls" featured some great scenes of early Hungarian psych rock music penned by Metro band member Karoly Freinreisz who by now readily providing music and words for Zalatany as well as developping his own new progressive rock group."



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