Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Somethin' Else

Kathi McDonald : Freak Lover and Insane Asylum
From Insane Asylum (Capitol, 1974)

Sometime get the blues is good. Could you imagine Janis Joplin jammed with Sly? Damned! Not so easy... Insane Asylum is un poco hard to find. And surely a missing part for everybody who loves Janis, Betty, Rolling Stones and Sly.

In the early 70s several obscure girls were around the bands anybody knows nowadays. Betty Davis is an exception. Ruth Copeland is maybe better known than Kathi McDonald. Therefore, each of these girls were playing RnB, psychedelic and funk. Kathi performed with people such as Ike & Tina (Come Together), Janis Joplin, Freddy King, Rolling Stones (Exile On Main Street) and Betty Davis. In other words, listen carefully her voice and you'll know the quintessence of her discography. We usually post anything here in rock music, even if you consider the Buddy Miles Express as rock music. In fact, we still loving Sly Stone and above all psychedelic soul rock.

That's why I propose these tunes. Papa John Creach on violin give me the impression to listen to Sid Page when he was playing on Small Talk, release in 1974. Strange! It is still a question without answer, why Sly demand to Sid perform on the Family Stone. As strange as why Sly never been credited on Insane Asylum.

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