Tuesday, February 19, 2008


El Rego Et Ses Commandos : Se Na Min
From African Scream Contest (Analog Africa, 2008)

Dan Satch & His Atomic 8 Dance Band Of Aba : Alabeke
From Nigeria Special: 1970-1976 Vol. 1 (Soundway, 2008)

Sorry for the lack of post, I had to finish a memoir for the end of February.

After both reissues of the sound of Zimbabwean township 70s music scene with The Green Arrows and Hallelujah Chicken Run Band at the time led by Thomas Mapfumo, I was curious of what the new Analog Africa serie could sounds like. Especially since they open an incredible blog.

It's the surprise that came out firstly. Because their third reissue focuses on Benin and Togo and not yet on Zimbabwe. And also 'cause that new compilation called "African Scream Contest" allow to Analog Africa to place them in the court of the great afro-beat compilation ever release. Words weigh.

Their first post seemed to mark these new direction. ASC comes complete the TP Orchestre Soundway release and the rare digs on Beninese and Togolese afro-beat come stir up our interest on a very obscure scene. We all usually use to digs some Nigerian and Ghanean afro-beat.

Except the comp' Kings Of Benin Urban Groove T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo we actually have a few documentation on Benin Afro-beat and surely less on Togo Afro-beat. Therefore Benin and Togo are neighbouring countries with Ghana and Nigeria. And with his Nigeria Special series Miles Cleret show us that we have again many thing to learn about the Nigerian scene after the Biafran war. So we can thank Analog Africa and Miles Cleret for what they do for us. Maybe they'll suggere us a sort of crazy catalog of West African Funk as Love Peace and Poetry Series, Numero Group Series, or as Buda Musique do with the Ethiopiques Series in the late 90s ?

On African Scream Contest, listeners could easily associate some tunes they already heard on Kings Of Benin Urban Groove, Booniay and Danque such as the tune Chieddatby Jedba (Djanfa Magni) on ASC and Bright Engleberts featured tune on both Afrodisiac comp. But there, you'll listen an exception even if some tunes recalls you other great stuff - standard - that every afro-beat amateur already known. ASC suggere "Raw & Psychedelic Afro Sounds". It's crazy, nasty, deep, raw and psyched-out. That the specifity of ASC, crazy afro-funk and psychedelic digs.

El Rego et Ses Commandos was one the first band to catch the growing interest that students had with the James Brown style... The rest is in the excellent liner notes. Nothing to add, just remember that video.


Thanks all those who email me for this :

http://www.youtube.com/MONCADAS plus his dope Beware mix on Voodoo Funk

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