Saturday, November 18, 2006

Today Tomorrow and Always

Mark Holder : Music Turns Me On
From Today Tomorrow and Always (Dervia, 1974)

Also available on
Funk Power Black Power (Soul Patrol, 2001)

Last week, after listening 'Sweet Carolina' I've been astonished to listen for the first time a reggae tune of Mark Holder. Last year I've been introduced on Mark Holder music with this compilation. On this, most of them are obscure funk band. 'Music Turns Me On' sounds like Funkadelic genre mixed with 'Slipping into Darkness' War tune. Nicolas Magneron, aka DJ Nico, was looking to feature some lost and rare tunes. There's no information about Mark Holder on the sleeve. And I only could propose you to click
here, for more details about Today Tomorrow and Always, or here, to see his releases.

Mark Holder incomplete discography :
Where There's a Will, There's a Way (Deriva, 1973)
Coming On Strong (Maholta, 1974)
Today Tomorrow And Always (Deriva, 1974)

If you have informations, or else, about him please sent below your comment...



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