Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ain't no particular

Lefties Soul Connection : Organ Donor
From Huspot (Melting Pot Music, 2006)
Orgone : Funky Nassau
7" (Nuff
rope records, 2006)

Both available on Party-Keller Vol. 2 (Compost, 2006)

Compiled by Florian Keller, Party-Keller is a selection of Funk, Boogie, Soulful Reggae and Afrobeat. Lefties Soul Connection and Orgone are actual groups, its sound like a very very deep funk. Lefties Soul Connection is a group from Netherlands. I think Hupsot is their second album. "Organ Donor" which is a take on DJ Shadow's song of the same name, itself in turn a take on Giorgio Moroder's "Tears" (1972), which Keller had included on his previous volume. And "Funky Nassau", a classic tunes from The Beginning Of The End, that Orgone mixed with afro sound.

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